Abdur Rashid Bhuiyan (1948 – March 20, 2006) was a successful Bangladeshi Businessman, who founded the MSH Mama Steel House to be  one of the reputed steel corporation till these days.

He was born on 1948 in Raipur upazila which is part of Lakshmipur district. His predecessors were back from Bhuiyan. He lost his father when he was in his mother’s womb. Living without the fatherhood was the most challenging thing in his life to develop his career.

He started his career very early by founding a biscuit  factory at  the age of 20 years. During liberation war his factory was destroyed by Pakistani Military after liberation war, he didn’t give up on his dreams and went to Saudi Arabia, later he came back to fulfill his unfinished dream of becoming a businessman. He invested his hard work and all experience  creating this renowned MSH Mama Steel House.

He was married to late Fatema Khatun (Died in 2018). they had seven children. Everyone of them is very successful. He perfectly balanced his work and family life. He was an amazing husband and father.

In his personal and professional life he was a very joyous person still these days people remembers him as a man of kindness. His role for transforming the steel market was tremendous.

While on a family vacation at his hometown Lakshmipur in 2006, he suffered from cardiac arrest and left his last breath at Apollo hospital on 20 March 2006, and was buried in 350 years old (approx) family graveyard.

He was a man of destiny. It would seem, indeed, as if the hour of his birth, his life, his talents, his actions, the chain of events which he set in motion or influenced, and the services he rendered were all pre-destined as part of the greater destiny for everyone surrounding him.

Till now this day his legacy is continuing by us……..